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3. Our proven manufacturing techniques (which include waterjet cutting , flash cutting and die cutting) will deliver on-time, on-budget parts that are precision engineered to Ring gaskets are also known as RTJ gasket or O-ring Gaskets. Average Rating: (0. K=torque-friction coefficient, D= nominal bolt diameter, in. Cam-and-groove gaskets provide a tight seal between couplings in low-pressure fluid applications such as regulators and pumps. Bolt yield should be at least 80,000 psi. Learn about the 5 key flange gaskets types (used in the oil and gas industry): non-asbestos gaskets full and raised face (used for low-pressure, low-temperature and non-critical applications), spiral wound gaskets (for higher temperature and pressure oil and gas applications), Ring joint gaskets style R, RX, BX (for RTJ flange faces), Kammprofile and Jacketed gaskets. Special RTJ gasket comes with a hole in the center for pressure equalization in the… Garlock Metallic Gaskets Garlock Metallic Gaskets, a division of Garlock Sealing Technologies, manufactures spiral wound, metal clad, solid metal and metal core gaskets at its facility in Hous-ton, Texas. Additionally we have many elastomers This is a Big River Rubber & Gasket custom fabrication, made to one of our customers specifications. Type BX Pressure Energized Ring Gaskets* antiseize*. Standard properties of manufactured graphite include thermal stability, thermal conductivity, natural lubricity and chemical resistance to fluids. D. Spiral Wound Gaskets, Class 150, NPS 1/2 - NPS 24, ASME B16. Spiral Wound Gaskets Spiral wound gaskets are designed for ASME B16. 75 70 120 70 120 70 100 1 110 190 110 190 110 160 1. 625 80 1 4 0. CLASS 150 FLANGE. Kammpro gaskets consist of a sealing core metal with or without guide What are typical torque values for ring joint gaskets Typically 50% of the bolt yield is applied as a bolt stress. API 6A includes a torque table for its flanges. on a cylinder head it is a cork screw pattern starting with the bolt located in the center of the head and spiraling outward. Care must be taken when pushing the joint into the breech between the mating flanges so as not to roll the leading edge of the joint out of its flange groove. $7. Phelps distributed Leader, Flexitallic, Lamon, and Garlock LTG gaskets. 5 170 290 Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI Torque values limit minimum and maximum gasket seating stresses based upon pressure class and certain operating conditions. Ring gaskets are used with plumbing fixtures to create tight seals in plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation jobs. Non-confined gaskets: Gasket inside diameter = flange inside diameter pIus 1/8 in (3. Flexitallic’s specialist solid metal gaskets,including Lens Rings and Weld Rings,are B-Series Torque Specs. 3 V-8 Head Gasket Set $129. Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets To combat the effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, flexibility and recovery are essential. Torque specs Find the most up-to-date torque spec listings in electronic format. -lbs. lbs f=0. Specialist markets include refining petrochemicals, power In the past, the Cut Gaskets selected for specific applications may contain have contained asbestos. Sheet gaskets are used to create custom gaskets. The advanced software allows us to convert customer blueprints to usable files that are entered directly into the Flashcut’s CAD System. Gasket   Torque Required To Produce Bolt Stress . Sulphur content 500 4-6%Cr. TABLE 22 - RECOMMENDED TORQUE CG SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS 33 TABLE 23 Gaskets help seal surfaces and prevent leaks. Jacketed Gaskets, MRG’s (metal reinforced gaskets). This table provides an estimation of torque for use during assembly of standard face dimension FRP pipe flanges. Data / Specification Sheet • Novus Spiral Wound Gaskets Properties Spiral wound gaskets are suitable for use across a wide gasket stress range. Features and Download, Fill In And Print Torque Chart - Flexitallic Flexpro Gaskets Pdf Online Here For Free. The unique Double Convex raised O … KLINGERSIL® top-sil ML1. GRAFOIL flexible graphite combines these Do not use a thicker gasket material or "double gaskets" to solve a gasket problem without first consulting the manufacturer. 20 could replace normal non-metallic gasket in ANSI 150#/300# Flange under lower torque, about The lower than standard weight per unit length so that the friction. 32 28 2. 625 80 1-1/4 4 0. "OEM" B16A2--30ft lbs. 5, B16. *Above torque values are for class 150 ASME flanges Flexitallic Style CGI Spiral Wound Gaskets. GRI/DURLON Garlock Thermoseal Flexitallic Durlon 7900/7950 2900, Blue-Gardfi 3000 Klingerfisil C-4201, C-4324, C-4401 SF1600, AF 2100 Durlon 8300 HTC-9800, HTC-9850, G-9900, ST-706 Klingerfisil C-4500 SF 5000 Durlon 8400 Blue-Gardfi 3700, IFG 5507 Klingerfisil C-7400 Œ Jan 14, 2000 · Garlock Bolt Torque Values for . 625 110 RE: RTJ Gasket torque specs aybee (Mechanical) 3 Jun 03 07:55 agree TOTHEPOINT,the design bolt stress often ends up not enough, I usually work to min 45000psi bolt stress with an upper limit of 60% of bolt yield under normal circumstances with 80% being the top limit. 4911 Sales: 800. 20 size/ratings Flexitallic manufactures a full range of metallic static seals,they are manufactured in types R,oval and octagonal profiles,along with RX,BX,SRX and SBX. VALVE COVER SPECS. This Chart gives the torque value for the final pass. This method is generally known as torque control. Stockton, CA 95205 Phone: 800-344-3246 Fax: 209-943-0242 Email: [email protected] 5mm (O. Low Torque Flange Gasket – The Full Port Flange Gasket Excellent for Non Metallic Piping Systems… Reduce Flange Breakage PVC, PP, CPVC, PVDF, FRP Our Series LT , Low Torque Gaskets are Recommended for All Types of Non-Metal Piping Systems to Prevent Initial Flange Breakage due to Bolt Over-Tightening. For help in determining bolt torque settings for Class 150 and Class 300 piping applications, Gasket Resources offers a free, easy-to-use Torque Valve Calculator. Elwis 98. This simple design maximizes the gasket-to-flange surface area and is ideal for the relatively soft gasket materials used in water service. 15 to . Ordering Flexitallic Gaskets for Special Flange Designs . 005″ is recommended. Lens Ring Gaskets & Dimensions. The Kammprofile provides one of the tightest seals combined with superior load bearing characteristics. Does anybody have a good source for recommended torque specs for raised face flange gaskets, BUNA, Viton Lamons is one of the largest gasket and bolt suppliers in the world, committed to quality and local service. It’s the place to learn and share “tricks of the trade,” find proper diagnosis and installation instructions, and enjoy easy access to parts reference. S. (Nut factors used on these charts are within . Draco Mechanical Supply Grafoil Specifications: We manufacture and supply Grafoil, flexible graphite packing, gasketing material for gaskets, mechanical seals, o-rings, industrial seals Torque Values are in ft. Sessions range from 2 hours to 6 hours and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 6915 Highway 225 Deer Park, TX 77536 USA Tel: 281 604 2400 Flexitallic Ltd. Eagle Gasket provides competitive pricing and high quality rail car replacement parts including: Replacement Gaskets gasket contacts the entire mating faces (full face gaskets) or the gasket fits inside the bolt circle (ring gasket), see Figure 2. 6 mm). Hennig Gasket & Seals will custom manufacture your SBR Red Rubber gaskets & seals from provided blueprints or will reverse engineer a sample part for all critical dimensions. 1/2Mo(F5)RTJ Gaskets 410 Stainless Steel RTJ Gaskets 304 Stainless Steel RTJ Gaskets SS304L RTJ Gaskets 321 Stainless Steel RTJ Gaskets 316 Stainless Steel RTJ Gaskets SS316L RTJ Gaskets 347 Stainless Steel RTJ Gaskets Duplex Steel RTJ Gaskets F51 RTJ Gaskets F53 RTJ Gaskets Topog-e Series 180 gaskets are quick and easy to install. FelPro-Only. 20 standard which stipulates that an inner ring is required for all PTFE filled gaskets and for all class: This allows us to determine the best torque setting for the gaskets and fasteners in your specific application. W. If your gasket is a standard ANSI or API flange using Ring or Full Face gaskets torque data will be provided by AS&P. 20 Hastelloy C276 Spiral Wound Gaskets Hastelloy C276, Alloy 276 (UNS N10276), A Nickel-Base Alloy with Resistance in a Wide Range of Aggressive Media. which make it a valuable material for packings and gaskets. We cut Grafoil Flexible graphite Gaskets, GHL, GTB, GHE, GHR, GTS, GTA, Though trading partners we can also offer Flexitallic, Garlock, Durlon, A. P. 26. 07 f=0. NOTE 2: The above mentioned torque values are based on a maximum bolt stress of 60,000 psi. is a recognized leader in the railroad tank car market for gaskets and sealing solutions. Specialty Machined Products. We double check all shipments to make sure you receive the correct material. The Ultimate Critical Service Triple Offset Valve Flange Bolting Guide All information herein is proprietary and confidential and may not be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of BRAY INTERNATIONAL, Inc. Do not use them for competitors' materials since non-asbestos gasketing materials do Non-Metallic gaskets can easily compress with low tension bolting; These types of gaskets are used with low-pressure class flanges such as 150 and 300 Class and also in low-temperature However, graphite gasket can be used up to 500 Degree centigrade. Flange Insulation Gasket Kits can be used to control stray electric currents in piping at oil, gas, water, refinery, and chemical plants to increase the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems and confine or eliminate electrolytic corrosion. 68 Sep 03, 2015 · Mistake 13: Ignoring Proper Torque Sequence & Specs. : T. com Eagle Gasket & Packing Co. Using Topog-E Series 180 gaskets can prolong boiler life, avoiding seepage and corrosion, and reduces boiler down-time. Metallic gaskets often utilize a soft sealing medium such as graphite in conjunction with the metal to create a high-strength, high-integrity gasket. 5 > MSS SP44 ( ASME 16. No binders or resins. Alloy 276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium-iron-tungsten alloy which is among the Read more… Thermoseal Inc. com | Main: 281. PTFE, Filled Teflon® Gaskets. ASTM F146 Weight Increase IRM 903. 231. Table is for standard pipe flanges only. 5 13800 1 4 0. The inside diameter of such gaskets shall conform to the nominal pipe size and the 18914 East Industrial Parkway | New Caney, TX 77357 | www. B18C1--33ft lbs. R GORE Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800) & GORE GR Sheet Gasketing: Ring or Full Face Gasket on Raised Face Steel Flange. 600 lb. 1st Seal company to put a seal portal on-line customers could now order 24/7. 900 lb. Torque is only an indirect indication of tension. 25 3900 36 20 3. COM Established 1994 » Jul 13, 2018 · To advise the field of the use of flexitallic gaskets between the steam chest body and main inlet casing. 5% graphite minimum. does not accept responsibility for the misuse of this information. Consult clamp manufacturer for maximum allowed torque settings) Since the required compression, and therefore torque, can vary even between different formulations of elastomers, the seal manufacturer is best positioned to indicate the proper torque requirements for their gaskets. 2222 Fax: 937. 005″ is preferable. GORE and designs are registered minimum possible torque value to seal GORE® Gaskets. DIFFERENTIATED MATERIALS AND DESIGNS. Please contact Flexitallic’s Technical Services Department for more information. Type F gaskets are available in the same materials as the type E Lamons Kammprofile gaskets are recognized as a problem solver for heat exchangers, large vessels, and equipment that experience excessive movement due to thermal expansion. 990. Rev 3-4-09 Torque-Tension Relationship for ASTM A193 B7 Bolts and Studs Tightening Torque K = 0. The flexitallic gasket called out on turbines built before March 1996 is the type that does not use a metal inner support ring. Over compression of Cut Gaskets is a common problem with metal gaskets which have mechanically designed recovery built into the gasket. 13 f=0. Rec'd Max. THE NEW GENERATION IN SEALING TECHNOLOGY U. In the case of non-corrosive services at least 80% of applications could use type 304 range of -320 to +1000 o F. Bolt Torque Values - CANFLEX ® Spiral Wound RW ASME B16. Without experimentally obtained torque values or analytical tools, specifying the correct torque which should be used in an installation, can be problematical. Lbs. Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG) FLEXSEAL ® Spiral Wound; FLEXSEAL ® TANDEM SEAL™ Gaskets; Jacketed Gaskets; Kammprofile Gaskets; Metallic Gaskets featuring THERMa-PUR ® Solid Gaskets; Hydraulic Components. There shall be 3 complete passes (30%, 60%,100% of final pass torque). "TORQUE" "REMOVE" CONNECTING ROD BEARING CAP NUTS. NOTE: This is a general guide only and Gasket Resources Inc. Spiral wound gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressures up to 250 bar and from cryogenic temperatures up to elevated temperatures of 1000oC. Filled PTFE (Teflon®) gaskets are made from PTFE which integrates additives and fillers in order to improve the performance of the gasket. for high pressure or large diameter flanges that require high torque loads. Actual correction factors for other values of P max and P min are shown in table A. ; and p=bolt clamping load developed by tightening, lb. , and assume Alloy Steel bolts (A193B7 w/ 2 H Nuts) with oil/graphite lubrication. , Yellow Band, Gray Stripe (38R287)? Grainger's got your back. This polyester fabric inlay reduces the risk of damage to the gasket by overtightening of the flanges. Don't forget to calibrate the entire tightening system, verification of stress/torque/ extension. For special flanges (male-female, tongue and groove, etc. , and assume Alloy Steel Bolts (A193 B7 w/ 2H Nuts) with oil/graphite lubrication. 6 pcs Brewery Gaskets Brand Black EPDM Tri-Clamp Gasket 1-1/2" 40MPE150 5. In a bolted flange, the applied torque generates the axial load in the bolt. Gasket Resources Teadit. able 8 . Flexseal Industrial is a full line gasket and o-ring distributor. Torque For Flange Bolting (B7/L7 Studs)* Stud Diameter Tension Size Ibf Torque Torque Torque Torque Inch Nm Ft. After hand tightening, torquing must follow a cross bolting sequence as exampled in Annex 12. 300 lb. Gasket Internal Min. ft. PLANT Flexitallic L. 68 $7. Style M Hastelloy C276 Spiral Wound Gaskets,N10276 gasket,ASME B16. PTFE envelope gaskets are ideal for use in equipment employing flanges made from alloy, standard steel, glass-lined, plastic, ceramic, conical-end glass pipe and more. GOVERNMENT SPECIFICATIONS Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets are available in accordance with Military Specifications MIL-G-24716, and MIL-G-15342, latest revisions. The bolt acts like a spring. Unless otherwise stated. Bolt Dia. 75. Typical Applied Torque Settings (1. The most prevalent controlled method of tightening bolted joints containing gaskets is by tightening so that a specified torque is achieved. The VCS gasket is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 10,000# classes. Jan 06, 2009 · table 20 - torque required to produce bolt stress 29 table 21 & 22 - bolting data for asme b16. Standard nuclear grade 99. If bolts are to be torqued "dry", increase wrench setting by 20%. 125 400 42 28 2. Gasket Supply carries gasketing materials from the most popular brands and suppliers, including Garlock. Torque values limit minimum and maximum gasket seating stresses based upon  Torque values limit minimum and maximum gasket seating stresses based upon pressure class and certain operating conditions. 6466 | 1. Recommended Torque Values ANSI 150# Flanges ANSI 300# Flanges ANSI 400# Flanges Size Qty. With 44 locations across North America, we inventory a wide range of gasket materials, hoses, fittings, textiles, and expansion joints. P max / P min Correction RING JOINT GASKETS Styles Material cross reference chart Style R Style RX Style BX Lens Ring Gaskets SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS Gasket Styles Color Coding & Materials Seating Stress & Materials ASME/ANSI B16. The Multi-Layer structure makes it possible to develop materials with new property profiles. Gasket outside diameter = groove outside diameter less 1/16 in (1. Expanded graphite is used in production of flat gaskets and packings. Clamp load is also known as preload or initial load in tension on bolt. 20, which is a dimensional manufacturing standard covering Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges – Ring-Joint, Spiral Wound, and Jacketed (Gaskets). Flexitallic® SF 2401 (Compressed Fiber Sheet) Description Flexitallic® SF 2401 is a medium quality cost effective compressed non-asbestos sheet material based on a blend of aramid and inorganic fiber with a high quality nitrile binder system. 5 FF and RF class 150 flanges Our fabrication department specializes in custom gaskets. The layers containing the special elastomers remain flexible over longer periods than standard materials even at high temperatures and are therefore able to compensate for dynamic load fluctuations induced by the flange. Blue-gard 3760 - MULTI-SWELL™ non-asbestos compressed sheet reacts with water or oil to create its own load. 50 / BS1560 Flanges ASME/ANSI B16. 109. Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI. The Flange Insulation Gasket Kit is the most widely used form of controlling losses due to corrosion. Custom filler, winding strip, guide ring and inner ring materials are available upon request. 3. 113. In area three, do not install gaskets in these applications without first referring to the KLINGER® expert software system or contacting Thermoseal Inc. SPIRALTEC SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS. 175in) thick, fitted with 3. The ability of a gasket material to make and maintain a seal depends not only on the quality of the gasket material, but also on medium being sealed, the flange design, the amount of pressure applied to the gasket by the Torque ratings for R, NBG-R-SS, NBG-R-Z gaskets and gasket kits. Certification of less than 50 ppm leachable chlorides will be furnished upon request. (i. Our vast knowledge and excellent customer service is what our customers have grown to expect. Flexitallic style CG and CGI Spiral wound gaskets can be ASME B16. ¹ Feb 12, 2013 · Flexitallic L. This facility is registered to ISO-9001. 1075 BOLT SPECIFICATIONS For Standard ANSI Flanges Extreme caution should be used when using a formula for torque/tension relationships. but. in any gasket application involving bolt patterns there is a specific torque sequence. (Inches) Bolts Torque Ft. 19) Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI PTFE envelope gaskets are available in a broad range of standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom sizes upon request. 5 flanges. Isn’t it obvious? The recommended torque specs and patterns are important for proper installation. Garlock gaskets and seals have a unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and elastomeric binders that provide improved torque retention and drastically lower emission levels. PLEASE CALL (800) 530-9051FOR PRICING Garlock® Inorganic Fiber Gasketing offers excellent thermal stability with minimal weight loss, reduced creep relaxation and improved torque retention. The best thing to happen to the sealing and gasket industry over the last 10 years has got to be Grafoil®Flexible Graphiteand we handle all types including: Sheet, Ribbon , Braided and Ribbon Pack ASTM A193 Grade B7 Torque Chart. 47 Flanges - SERIES B Recommended Bolt Torque (ft-lbs. (MGF10) Boiler Manhole Gasket, Elliptical, Flexitallic 0-999, 12 X 16 X 1 1/4 X . 76 • UVI’s Style R Ring Joint gaskets are manufactured in accordance with all relevant standards to suit the following flange designations: > API 6A > ASME / ANSI B16. Bolts at 60ksi Stress Per Bolt @ 60ksi Stress Avail. Non-asbestos. 1/16" x 60" x 60" Gylon 3510 Product Code: SGI-402-0106 Garlock Gylon 3510 is a high performance, barium sulfate filled PTFE gasketing material. Type F gaskets are made to fit the raised face portion of the flange only. ) the type of spiralwound gasket selected will depend on the flange geometry, operating conditions and bolt specifications. We provide a broad range of products including but not limited to Flexitallic spiral wound gaskets, die cut gaskets, sheet material, Flexpro (kammprofile) gaskets, RTJ's and o-ring seals. 15 K = 0. 09. As with compressed non-asbestos, these materials combine fibers, elastomers and other non-asbestos Sanitary gaskets are used in processing pipeline systems for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. When servicing, they are simple to remove, and peel away easily and cleanly. -50n350. 12 K = 0. Figure 1 AWWA C207 Flat Face Flange Figure 2 Full Face and Ring Style Gaskets Tuf-Steel® Tri-Clamp® Gasket The Original Metal Detectable High Temperature Gasket. Torque data must be determined using all of the above and should be provided by an engineer. Phelps Style 9003 is a Spiral Wound Gasket for LTG (Large Tongue Groove) flanges. 17. non-asbestos gaskets provide excellent ability to seal, torque retention, and heat resistance that eliminates the need for asbestos. Suggested Size Qty. GRAPHONIC® and Kammprofile gaskets are also avail-able in heat exchanger configurations. 20 standard which stipulates that an inner ring is required for all PTFE filled gaskets and for all class: Home Catalog Hoses and couplings Gaskets Flexitallic® Gasket PTFE Sigma 588 Flexitallic® Gasket PTFE Sigma 588 For most chemicals over the entire pH range (0-14) other than molten alkali metals, fluorine gas, hydrogen fluoride or materials that can generate them. Its leachable Chloride content is less than 50 ppm. Available in cut sheet or cut gasket form; Min. 7 n/a. ) 75 lb. com is your convenient source for advanced sealing information. TIGHTENING PROCEDURE. Bolt materials listed are per ASME A193. Spiraltec, Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured according to ASME B-16. The torque chart is for reference only and assumes properly lubricated ASTM A193 B7 stud bolts with ASTM A194 2H steel nuts. Commercial Differential. 20 Gaskets are exposed to a wide-range of temperatures which makes them easily susceptible to leaks over time. Gaskets. They are solid rings of metal (cut from plate, pipe, or a forged ring) in different cross-sections such as oval, round, octagonal. -2- (h) Repeat the steps in (g), increasing the torque to approximately 50 to 60% of the final torque value. ), and others. 150 lb. Min Torque Max Torque Min Torque Max Torque Min Torque Max Torque NPS Class 900 Class 1500 Class 2500 Spiral Wound Gasket CG NPS (in. com Kammprofile Gaskets, or Grooved Gaskets are suitable for the most difficult applications such as superheated steam, high pressure hydrocarbon or chemical service. In addition to compressed sheets, there are similar engineered composite materials often referred to as beater mix. These gaskets are used for high-pressure services. Such flanges can be glass FLEXITALLIC SIGMA 511 FLEXITALLIC LIMITED PO BOX 3, MARSH WORKS, DEWSBURY ROAD CLECKHEATON, WEST YORKSHIRE BD19 5BT TEL: 01274 851273 FAX: 01274 851386 PRODUCT REFERENCE: FLEXITALLIC SIGMA 511 DESCRIPTION: SIGMA 511 is a high performance biaxially orientated sheet sealing material containing PTFE with silica filler. For the 3/16″ thick gaskets, a compression of 0. 400 lb. The torque values are approved for spiral wound graphite and PTFE filled gaskets, graphite sheet gaskets GHE and GHR types, ring joint, double jacketed and Camprofile gaskets with graphite and PTFE lining. /Lbs. Temperature: 850°F / 454°C Graphite gaskets. This Document is the property of Flexitallic US, LLC and is not to be reproduced, transmitted to another, nor used for the purpose of manufacturing of Flexitallic is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality industrial gaskets on a global scale. . Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7  torque wrenches, etc. Some of the most common fluid service applications with Garlock products are water, steam, ailphatic hydrocarbons, oils and gasoline. 2. CAMSHAFT COVER SPECS. Torque Values are in ft. 80. GHX Industrial, LLC is a highly recognized value-added distributor and fabricator of industrial gaskets and hoses. lbs Nm Ft. Wealson is the manufacturer of high quality, high value sealing products. 75 7200 2-1/2 8 1. 68 $ 7. The inorganic fibers have excellent thermal and oxidation resistance, withstanding a continuous operating temperature of up to 550° F (290° C), and maximum spike of 800° F (425° C). 19) Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI NOTE 1: This torque table applies for 1/16" and 1/8" thick homogeneous elastomeric gaskets. We are committed to stocking the widest selection of gasket materials The torque values are approved for spiral wound graphite and PTFE filled gaskets, graphite sheet gaskets GHE and GHR types, ring joint, double jacketed and Camprofile gaskets with graphite and PTFE lining. 20 and ANSI B16. Gore when . Once final torque is achieved, 8 FOREWORD This Handbook was produced by the Gasket Division of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and the Flange Gasket Division of the European Sealing Association (ESA). fastorq. Take a look at the specification sheets, sales manuals and other technical documents here! Gaskets confined by outside diameter: Gasket inside diameter = flange inside diameter plus a minimum of 1/8 in (3. These gaskets, along with the older style jacketed gaskets are widely used in petrochemical applications. GRAFOIL® Grades Specifications. 13, 9, 5, 1, 3, 7, 11 (side of cam cover closest to intake) Seat each camshaft by pushing it towards the dizzy side of cylinder head. B7 studs with 2H heavy hex nuts; with studs, nuts and the nut bearing surfaces lubricated with a never-seize type paste (k = 0. Spiral Wound Gaskets with internal or external rings-ie Styles 'CG' and 'CGI' should be fully compressed to the ring thickness. 47 SERIES B Flanges Gasket Thickness DIN Flange Gaskets JIS Flanges A Division of Bray International, Inc. They conform to the mating surfaces and need no adhesive or additional material. SERVICE SIGMA 588 is specifically designed for use in flanges where only low bolt loading is available. 20 / Metal Industries has been a professionally managed Manufacturing and Exporters of R Style Ring joint Gaskets(oval), R Style Ring joint Gaskets(Octagonal), RX Style Ring joint Gaskets, BX Style Ring joint Gaskets, Materials Ring joint Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets Suppliers India Flexitallic SIGMA 588 SIGMA 588 is a high performance PTFE based sheet sealing material with highly conformable surface layers of controlled porosity PTFE and a strong core of biaxially orientated pure PTFE. 5 Class 150# Flanges Nominal Raised Face Raised Face Gasket Number Size of Bolt Torque Comp Force Max. Gasket outside diameter = bolt circle diameter less bolt (Inches) Bolts Torque Ft. Gauges. These gaskets can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes recommended for use in high pressure/temperature applications. %. Nov 03, 2015 · The reason I answered true is because all standard size spiral wound gaskets are typically manufactured to ASME B16. 2 mm). ) Flange Size (in. Torque Chart - Flexitallic Flexpro Gaskets Is Often Used In Torque Chart, Drill Chart And Life. Dec 07, 2009 · i do not know and it variestypical gasket material is uniform. Spiral Wound Gaskets: Temperature, Colour Codings and Markings Spiral Wound Gasket Material Selection. Graphite is used very often as a packing material. In recent years, Garlock Metallic Gaskets has introduced Flexitallic FLEXITALLIC CGI Spiral Wound Metal Gasket,3/4 In,316SS. or API flange using Ring or Full Face gaskets torque data will be provided by AS&P. This results in joints with very high leak-tightness. 0 out of 5 stars 1. Rochdale, Lancashire, UK Tel: +44 1274 851273 Flexitallic L. As there are no bolt holes in the F gasket, the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the gasket, assuring an exact, automatic positioning of the gasket. 800. Grafoil® homogeneous Standard Industrial Grade flexible graphite sheet with an oxidation/corrosion inhibitor and typically 98% carbon content. 1 4 0. Tech Data Sheet. 111. Cleckheaton,Yorkshire, UK Tel: +44 1274 851273 Flexitallic Ltd. 5 raised face flanges, with A193 grade B7 bolts. The FSTU bolt-up rig consists of a standard 8   Ring Gasket on Raised Face Steel Flange. Notes: Torque Values are in ft. Print FNW® 1-1/2 in. 25 600 Flexitallic recommended minimum bolt torque figures for use with the “LSI” gasket on ASME/B16. For gaskets having a thickness greater than 4 mm we insert a polyester fabric inlay which adds strength to the durable EPDM gasket material. Graphite Filler Compatibility Chart · Style WR & WRI Recommended torque value chart · NPS Cross Reference  Self-energizing gaskets and full isolation kits using materials to match conditions. ) Frenzelit Garlock Gore. Created Date: 12/16/2015 4:23:04 PM Torque specs on gaskets NL8 (Mechanical) (OP) 9 Mar 12 11:00. 449. 47 SERIES A ) > BS 1560 Style RX Gasket: • Standard Style RX Joint gaskets are manufactured in accordance with both API 6A and ASME B16. Looking for the technical specifications for a certain gasket type or material? Gasket Supply has all the technical documents for each of the types of materials that we create our products out of. All gaskets used on steam system shall be Flexitallic Style CG, AP1061 spiral wound 30455 with Grafoil fill as manufactured by Garlock or approved equal, regardless of pipe size and pressure. , Ltd. Flexitallic. u = The coefficient of friction of the lubricant Figures are a GUIDE only, always consult the manufacturer or area engineer. The Final Torque Value accounts for 10% bolt relaxation. e: maximum pressure ratings  TABLE 23 - RECOMMENDED TORQUE CGI SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS. B16. All our Ring Type Joints are made to the exacting AP1 6A standard,with the highest product service level 4. 16 friction factor. B18b1,B20B4,B20Z2--23ft lbs. The pressure rating of the material may vary depending on the grade. Contact Area. 498. BS 10 Nov 27, 2014 · Worldwide Customer Service NetworkOwned Manufacturing PlantsFlexitallic Ltd. Installation and Bolting Practices. Scandinavia Mills Hunsworth Lane Cleckheaton BD19 4LN, England Tel: 44 1274 851273 CHINA PLANT Flexitallic Sealing Technology (Suzhou) Co. Different sealing loads. For optimum performance Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets should be compressed to these thicknesses. 25 110 190 135 190 210 250 1. 2. Gaskets and Gasketing - Flat Gaskets-- HiMod® FlatSeal? 10 Supplier: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Description: FlatSeal™36 - Material profile ensures maximum safety Made of expanded graphite with flat metal inserts, this gasket has the best pressure to temperature ratio of any gasket on the market. Spiraltec Gasket Co. For ease of identification, Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets utilize a color coding system around the For torque tightening methods Flexitallic recommends. 555. Building 3 South Wujiang Export Processing Zone 688 Pangjin Road Wujiang, Jiangsu, P. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 7, 2014 – Lewis-Goetz, a leading Pittsburgh-based industrial service provider of a … For most gaskets, Pmax is normally greater than twice Pmin. 20 - Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges: Ring-Joint, Spiral-Wound, and Jacketed; Inner rings are recommended for all graphite filled gaskets, required for all PTFE filled gaskets , and for NPS 24" and larger in Class 900. These gaskets can be find from conventional Electric Power Plants as well as in the Nuclear Power Plants, chemical and petrochemical industries. 17) using the installation and bolt tightening practices outlined on this The Pikotek ® VCS gasket provides exceptional insulating and general sealing performance in aggressive material applications. Types or Styles of Spiral Wound gaskets Jul 07, 2014 · Posted on July 7th, 2014. ) Class 150 Class 300 Class 400 Class 600 0. A wide variety of material options exist for both isolating gaskets and sleeve and washer materials. Stud bolt torque chart for ASME B16. The inner rings of style CGI spiral wound gaskets add strength against blowout and act as compression stop. Torque Values are in ft. Product Description: Part Numbers: Winding w/ Inner & Centering Ring Winding Winding w/ Inner Ring Type Standard Flange Gasket Size Chart . 1 of Teadit’s “Industrial Gaskets” 3rd editon by Jose Veiga. GHX is able to cover a broad spectrum of applications for the industries we serve. Spiral construction incorporates modified compression values to provide seating loads within the normal range of cover assemblies. Rec'd Min. Pressure Gasket Stress Torque/Bolt. 2350 Campbell Road Sidney, OH 45365 Tel: 937. For non-standard flanges, consult LGT Engineering for target bolt stress and torque values. 47, API Specification 6A & ISO 10423. Over compression removes the Cut Gaskets ability to recover. Flexitallic style MCS spiral wound gaskets are available in a wide range of materials for standard, as well as special design manhole cover assemblies, in pressure classes of 0-499 psi, 0-999 psi, and 1000 psi and higher. To achieve a reliable seal, adequate gasket stress must be applied during installation. 20 CANFLEX Spiral Wound RW Gaskets on ASME B16. Custom gaskets are more difficult to come by. This material is produced in a special process where natural graphite is expanded under extremely high temperatures after mixing with chemicals. 34 Published as an indication of which Flexitallic spiral wound gasket best suits  For torque tightening methods Flexitallic recommends the use of molybdenum disulphide bolt lubrication or similar nickel based compound. 7325 [email protected] And when you’re torqueing down your bolts, do it smoothly and gradually in no less than 3 steps for a strong and even clamping force. Com Grafoil ® Flexible Graphite Gaskets. Contact O. Composed of a unique proprietary blend of PTFE and 316L Stainless Steel, Tuf-Steel® is the choice for leak-proof performance and outstanding durability in steam applications. Torque is the turning force measured in foot-pounds (ft-lb) or inch-pounds (in-lb) applied to tighten (turn) the nut on a bolt. Temperature: -400°F / -240°C; Max. does not accept responsibility for negligence or misuse of this information. We also carry our own brand of Metal GasketsPhelps Style 9000 Spiral Wound Metal Gaskets, Compression Ring, MlL-G-24716, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Ceramic, PFTE, Graphite The EZ Torque Kammprofile gasket ensures that you pass leak tests on the first attempt and lower the expense of downtime. 100″ to 0. Online Shop : USSEAL. Note: All material included on this page is informational only, and should not be used as one’s sole source for design purposes, South Coast Industrial Metals, Inc does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this site, and retain no liability for the use or misuse of the Jan 11, 2020 · The stud bolt and nut torque chart show the sequence to use, and the force to apply, to stud bolts used to tighten flanges (by flange class). This is also called kammprofile gaskets. 5 and bs1560 flanges 30 table 23 - facing dimensions for asme b16. Flexitallic® SF 2400. Do not use gaskets for AMS/AMT series. Under/over tightening of fasteners can result in costly equipment failure or personal injury. This improves the gaskets ability to wear and enhances its unique combination of chemical, physical and electrical properties. This will not damage the gasket or affect the sealing performance and the ring is provided as a compression limiting stop. Metallic Gaskets. 6915 Highway 225 Deer Park, TX 77536 USA Tel: 281 604 2400 EUROPEAN PLANT Flexitallic Ltd. This is also true of PTFE, once over compressed Recommended bolt torque is based on deriving a minimum gasket seating stress of 7,500 ps Bolt torque values listed assume a lubricated stud bolt resulting in a 0. Ring gaskets are also known as RTJ gasket or O-ring Gaskets. Torque values limit minimum and maximum gasket seating stresses based upon  Spiral Wound Gasket CGI - SERIES B. Style CGI spiral wound gaskets are suitable for use on flat-face and raised-face flanges, and can be specified for high pressure/temperature service or where corrosive or toxic media are present. 22. $6. CHEVRON ® V-ring Packing; GARTHANE ® Urethane Seals; Polytop Sets; SLUDGE-PAK ® Packing; Turbine Blade Runner Torque Values are in ft. Deer Park,TX, USA Tel: +1 281 604 2400 Spiral Wound Gaskets: Temperature, Colour Codings and Markings Spiral Wound Gasket Material Selection. 1 of Teadit's "Industrial Gaskets" 3rd editon by Jose Veiga. Of. 250 Style "M" Spiral Wound Gasket for Boiler Manhole Assemblies. Dimensions to ASME B16. Constructed in a variety of shapes and materials, depending on what two surface types are joined together, our selection of gaskets is custom-made to suit your set-up. Non-fibrous. Recommended torque values are based on using weld-neck (integral) flanges. 8 and 5. Consult. Suggested (Inches) Bolts Torque Ft. Pipe Fitting Gaskets & Seals. Alltorq Services Ltd is a supplier of hydraulic torque equipment rentals in Alberta and Western Canada Metallic gaskets. Flexitallic (Allied Dist. When using flexible non-metallic gaskets, the ability of the joint to hold internal pressure depends on friction. A special grade having an extremely low ash content. ASTM Standards for Mechanical Fasteners and Related Process 2nd Edition, Inch Fastener Standards 8th Edition. GM 4. Bolt Torque   Gasket. MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX MIN MAX 26 61 113 99 204 376 1045 389 1166 742 2226 1880 5641 Torque values assume that Nickel Anti-Sieze thread lubricant is used. As an operator continues to torque the flat gasket during installation of the header plug, the metal hardens, which decreases, and ultimately prevents, the gasket from yielding in thickness for a seal. This is on ring joint and CMG type gaskets. 875 170 34 28 2. 5 manufactured in accordance with all relevant gasket BS 1560 standards to suit the following flange designations. 47 SERIES A Flanges ASME/ANSI B16. It is important to the Industrial Gaskets Team, that our customers receive a Good Quality service again and again, whatever the size or cost of the job ! C lick on the video below for a quick snapshot of Industrial Gaskets spiral wound gaskets exceeding class 600lbs, but specifically rec-ommended for high temperatures and pressures to optimise reli-able sealing performance. Service Isolating gaskets may be specified as either "E" or "F" type while single, double or one-piece sleeve and washer sets are offered as options for varying degrees of electrical isolation between the flanges. The minimum compressive stress will need to be high enough to maintain the friction needed to keep the gasket from blowing out from the internal Industrial Gaskets is an Authorised Australian Distributor of the Donit Tesnit range of Gasket Material and Sealing Products . 20 addresses gaskets that are dimensionally suitable for use with flanges described in reference flange standards B16. 0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. 25 3950 Working Pressure: 2220 psi 1-1/4 4 1 300 36 28 2. metallic gaskets for use in heat exchangers, valves, pumps, compressors, boilers and many other types of industrial equipment. ZW#3000. Special RTJ gasket comes with a hole in the center for pressure equalization in the… Gylon 3510. The Flexitallic spiral wound gasket is the precision-engineered solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes, manholes, and other high-temperature, high-pressure applications—providing All must be considered when determining torque. 60. Except for weld ring gaskets, high loads are required to seat metallic gaskets, as they rely on the deformation or coining of the material into the flange surfaces. 5 40 1-1/4 4 0. Digital Industrial Reference Table 1 of this catalog for gasket weight and to identify which gasket fits which flange. 20 ASME B16. Contact us for more information regarding the recommended torque value chart. * Note: Minimum required torques may be even lower depending on gasket size and bolt material. 125in) thick solid metal rings. RTJ RING GASKETS RTJ Ring Gaskets are solid metal gaskets designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications outlined in API 6A and ASME B16. B8, Class 2 bolting materials   142 products Searching for FLEXITALLIC Sheet and Ring Gaskets? Grainger's got your back. Pipe Size Contact I. Consultation of a technician should be sought if in any doubt. Also included in the publication of this standard are grooved metal gaskets with GYLON®, introduced by Garlock in 1967, eliminated complaints about skive marks making initial sealing difficult, cold flow causing leakage and premature failure, and temperature/pressure cycling problems common in PFTE before that time. Chapter 2: Gasket Installation. Our Atom Flashcut Dual Oscillating Knife Cutting Tables are ideal for prototypes and custom gaskets and provide significant production flexibility. 5 70 120 70 120 50 100 0. 5 5500 Hydro Test Pressure: 3355 psi 1-1/2 4 1. Blue-gard 3750 - LEAK-GARD™ non-asbestos compressed sheet with Bolt Torque Values for ASME B16. unbolt the assembly and Apr 14, 2018 · For 1/8″ thickness gaskets, compression to a thickness of 0. at 100% of yield Pioneer Rubber & Gasket is proud to partner with our online division, Gasket Supply, to provide your business with a wide variety of standard sized and custom sized gaskets and gasketing sheet materials. 062" thick Compressed Sheet1 & GYLON® Ring Gaskets - ANSI B16. 5 and bs1560 flanges 31 special application gaskets special cgi with spiral wound outer ring gaskets for heat exchangers 32 carrier ring gaskets 33 style ls low stress gasket 34 Looking for FLEXITALLIC 304SS and Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Metal Gasket, 4-3/8" Outside Dia. For additional information on Flexitallic style MCS spiral wound gaskets, contact the Flexitallic plant nearest you. Sanitary gaskets are available in many different configurations, including clamp, bevel seat, flanged, PTFE envelope, schedule 5, proprietary sanitary fittings (Cherry-Burrell I and Q line, John Perry, etc. Torque Chart for ASTM A193 Grade B7 Studs in Ft. It is an ideal facing material for flat gaskets It contains no binders or resins. After hand tightening, torquing must follow a cross bolting sequence as exampled ; in Annex 12. 20. Torque can be measured during flange assembly with a properly calibrated torque wrench. 75 7000 2 8 1 300 40 28 2. Special gaskets have been designed for valves, pumps, compressors, turbines, boilers, heat exchangers, etc. 125 400 38 28 2. 5012 Andrews Hwy, Odessa, TX 79762 • CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE (855) 237-5567 GORE Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800): Ring or Full Face Gasket on Raised Face FRP Flange. Do not apply any  Preferred. 150# 304 Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket We supply the best custom molded parts and compressor valve gaskets on the market! Lone Star Gasket & Supply, Inc. Because of the robust design of the Grafoil-Gaskets. Make sure the gasket placement is  Spiral Wound Gasket Colour Coding Markings. Wealson provide a comprehensive range of non-metallic, semi-metallic gaskets, metal gasket, sheet gasket materials to wide range of oil and gas, industrial, pulp and paper and automotive customers as the standard of ASME, JIS, JPI, ANSI, DIN, ISO, EN, BS and etc. Temperature and Chemical Considerations Be certain that the gasket you order is as resistant All CG and CGI Gaskets for these standard flanges are 4. Using the ratio Pmax/Pmin = 3, bolt spacing is reduced by less than 7% for Pmax to Pmin ratio of 6. 13 1/2" 7450 48 35 80 59 5/8" 11865 92 68 155 115 3/4" 17559 160 118 270 200 7/8" 24241 253 188 429 319 1" 31802 376 279 639 474 1 1/8" 41499 540 401 925 686 1 1/4" 52484 745 553 1285 953 Phelps Style makes standard ASME/ANSI full face gaskets for the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Food Processing, Power Plant, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, and DefensePhelps is a global supplier of ASME/ANSI Flange Gaskets for water treatment plants, sewer plants, water processing, refinery, small and large power plants, breweries and other food processing and manufacturing plants Date: Installation, operation & maintenance manual 2431 North Wigwam Dr. Spiral wound gaskets are available for classes 150 to 2500. i recommend you measure the gasket thickness and tork down the gasket to actual specs. and assume new A193 Gr. RTJ, or Ring Type Joint gaskets fit flanges designed to accept this type of gasket, which require specially grooved faces. Because exhaust system replacement gaskets aren’t installed onto pristine surfaces in a factory setting, but onto imperfect surfaces in the repair environment, they must not only withstand heat and motion, they must also compensate for corrosion, pitting and warping. Our commitment to service and quality have made Lamons the leader in metallic gaskets in the United States and Canada. Consult with Flexitallic engineers as early in the design stage as possible. Dec 17, 2011 · Bolt Torque. 5 170 290 200 290 310 360 2 110 190 130 190 220 250 2. Simply input your nominal pipe size and the calculator will provide a Other Metal Gaskets Garlock manufactures a wide variety of double-jacketed, spiral-wound, metal-clad and solid metal gaskets for heat exchanger and coker applications. Rubber and elastomer gaskets are not used in hydrocarbon services but used in utility lines. 75 7400 ACTUAL TORQUE VALUES TO BE 3 8 1. Tightening torque values from the formula T=KDP, where T= tightening torque, Ib. Metal Gaskets require a greater stress to compress and seal than flexible gaskets. 5 40 1 4 0. Novus Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI. Price $10. 's technical support service These graphs were developed from testing Klinger materials. Torque values limit minimum and maximum gasket seating stresses based upon  Flexitallic does not generally recommend a bolt stress above 60,000 PSI. e: Flexitallic, in common with many organizations worldwide, uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google to gather anonymous data to show how people are using this site. Reference Table 2 for gasket material. Do not bolt directly to another component with an elastomeric face or to a specialty flange without inserting a solid full face metallic gasket. This provides us with visitor statistics, details of page views and other information which help us to improve and update our website and continue to provide relevant Sep 25, 2017 · Spiral wound gaskets style cgi inner outer rings full flexitallic spiralwound gaskets spiral wound gaskets torque chart cgi b Torque Chart Spiral Wound GasketsTorque Chart Flexitallic Flexpro Gaskets PrintableGasket Reference The Flexitallic GroupIndian Traders CorporationSpiral Wound Aigi Environmental Inc Gaskets Hydraulic RotaryFlexitallic Bined CopySpiral Wound Aigi Environmental Inc Industry Torque values are in FT/LBS. GORE Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800) provides a reliable seal for steel, glass-lined steel and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) flanges, in the full spectrum of strong acid, alkali, and solvent process media, including the most challenging thermal cycling and elevated temperature applications. This document provides an estimation of torque for use during assembly of standard design steel pipe flanges. 130″ to 0. 2mm (0. Industrial Gaskets reserves the right to change or modify any of its products, no liability is entered into or given on any of the data provided. flexitallic gaskets torque specs

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